Our Mission,

Cultivating Nutritious Sustainability

For a Healthier World

At Aquatree®

our mission is to revolutionize people's relationship with food and work towards solving world hunger. We strive to liberate individuals from the constraints of traditional supply chain grocery store processes.


The Microgreen REVOLUTION Is Here,

and it’s changing the way we think about farming and nutrition. With the help of hydroponic systems like Aquatree, we can now grow microgreens at home faster, stronger, and more sustainably than ever before. Not only are these greens delicious and versatile, but they’re also packed with many health benefits.


According to Dr. Ronda Patrick, a cell biologist, the benefits and importance of sulforaphane in Cruciferous Vegetable has tremendous impacts on cancer, aging, inflammation, depression, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative diseases.

At Aquatree®

Our Success is Fueled By.

Our dedicated research and development (R&D) team passionately explores the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs to craft revolutionary systems that foster optimal seed sprouting and crop growth. By integrating these discoveries into our solutions, we embrace agility through 3D modeling and printing, allowing us to swiftly prototype new trays and enhance our ability to cultivate diverse crops on a grand scale. 


Journey across Space and Time :

From our founder’s childhood passion to feed the world to global impact:
Join us as we trace the remarkable timeline of Aquatree’s journey.

In his friend’s backyard, our Founder’s quest for
maximizing food growth sparked the initial idea
for AquaTree.

Aquatree Global is Formed and registered as an LLC

AquaPonics research sparks gravity-fed flow design in Aquatree’s journey. First patent filed.

Container-style growing exploration led to the first design, before a pivot to focus on home use. A stackable/modular system evolved through 3D printing and subsequent revisions over three years.

First crops harvested. Lots of water on the kitchen floor.

Design Change to Hydroponics as more advanced organic nutrients became available.

First Injection Molds created and first lights added to the system

New grow mediums were created leading to experimenting and expanding to new crops.

First Ring Light Designed and added

First Freestanding Tower and Container Prototype Created (still under development)

Aquatree relocates to Fort Mill, SC and purchases the new Aquatree HQ Warehouse, and R&D Facility.

Hosted the TEHNS Summit to bring awareness to nutrition and using Food as Medicine.

Reusable Micro Mat, Leafy Green Light, and Garden Lid introduced to the market.

Aquatree Container ready for Market and Aquatree available in retail box stores

Work with World Leaders to place Aquatree Ecosystems containers in areas of need

Large Scale Helical Farming Apparatus first

Aquatree® Vision

Our vision for the future is to foster a connected community of individuals driven by a common purpose: solving malnutrition, addressing food supply chain disruptions, and promoting healthy lifestyles. We strive to bring like-minded people together, facilitating collaboration and collective action. 

Watch this short video to learn more about the TEHNS Coalition
Watch this short video to learn about the TERNS Summit

Or this video to watch the full inaugural TEHNS Summit

AquaTree® Bios

Matt Wallace:

Matt Wallace, the President of PDQ South, is our go-to person for all things related to injection molded thermoplastics. With a focus on product design, mold design, and manufacturing, Matt and his team excel in creating innovative solutions. Through lean techniques and out-of-the-box thinking, they help you reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining top-notch quality. Matt’s expertise lies in overseeing the entire process, from part design and rapid prototyping to mold design using CAD software. Trust Matt and his team at PDQ South to deliver exceptional results, helping you bring your plastic injection molded products to life.

Andrew Kellam: Director of Operations

Andrew is a dynamic engineer with a zest for adventure and a knack for process improvement. From the automotive industry to defense, healthcare, and agriculture, he thrives on continuously making operations better for everyone. When he’s not optimizing processes, Andrew embraces exhilarating activities like skiing, hiking, and remodeling homes. Alongside his wonderful family, he is active in their church and together they serve their community through projects, refugee resettlement, and ESL teaching.  Now joined with the Aquatree team, he is ready to help bring new products to market that will revolutionize agriculture.

James Stacy: General Counsel

James is an experienced professional in law and finance with a strong passion for hydroponics. As the former owner of a high-end woodworking business and extensive experience in the food service industry, he brings a keen eye for quality and customer satisfaction to Aquatree. This attorney turned woodworker was lured back into the business world by Aquatree.  James is committed to cultivating a future where a greener and healthier lifestyle is possible from inside your own home. 

Valerie Bobo: Creative Marketing Director

Valerie Bobo, a highly accomplished Creative Marketing Director, brings a wealth of experience from prestigious companies like Fox Sports and William Morris Endeavor. At Fox Sports, she was a key player for the launch of two television networks, promoting the Superbowl halftime show, and the Women’s World Cup. With William Morris Endeavor, Valerie directed top voiceover actors, showcasing her knack for understanding script composition and working with actors to bring them to life. She especially enjoyed working on animated series. Her Emmy-winning PSA for the PTSD Foundation of America reflects her dedication to making a positive impact. Based in Los Angeles, Valerie enjoys outdoor activities and trips to Universal Studios with her son when she has some down time.

Kevin Higgins: Founder / Director of R&D

Kevin Higgins is a visionary entrepreneur who founded both THS National and Grow Local. He is a passionate advocate for sustainable food production and has dedicated his career to developing innovative solutions to address this critical issue. Kevin is the main innovator behind the Aquatree technology, which is revolutionizing the horticulture industry by providing advanced growing systems that are efficient, eco-friendly, and capable of producing high-quality crops. He firmly believes that access to nutritious food is a fundamental human right and is committed to using his expertise to help make the world a better place. Kevin‘s leadership and vision have been instrumental in the success of both THS National and Grow Local, and his contributions to the field of sustainable agriculture are truly remarkable. 

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