Recently, we did our first indoor hydroponics demo livestream on Facebook. Kevin Higgins, Aquatree® inventor/founder, quickly walked through how Aquatree Gardens makes it easy to have a continuous supply of fresh, pesticide-free superfoods readily available in your kitchen. 

We slightly edited the livestream Aquatree Garden Demo with Q&A video and made it available on Youtube. 

As you will see in the video, Aquatree Garden is unmatched in its capability of growing a diverse range of microgreens, lettuces, herbs, wheatgrass, and protein bean sprouts in a compact tabletop space. These are all efficiently and economically grown from non-GMO, organic seeds.  

In the video, Kevin demonstrates the Aquatree Garden ATL1, our one-level garden for growing nutrient-dense superfoods and lettuces. 

The Aquatree Garden ATL2 is our two-level garden that will grow twice the plants in the same tabletop footprint. The ATL2 is our most popular garden. 

How Does Aquatree Garden Make Indoor Gardening Easy? 

Aquatree Garden is an All-in-one Hydroponic System. It’s advanced design simplifies indoor gardening so everyone can enjoy growing delicious crops year-round.  

In the video, Kevin highlights these features: 

The continuous water flow automates growing. You simply pour seeds into the reusable micro lid trays, connect the tray to the Aquatree Garden, and let it work its magic. We’ve optimized the system for oxygen and nutrient uptake, and as you can see in the video, it grows robust plants with solid roots. 

The Microlid, our reusable seed mats, make planting and harvesting fast by easily attaching and detaching from the system. Both can be done in under a minute.

We only use high-quality, medical-grade plastics that are dishwasher safe and will not contaminate your food. Many other indoor gardens will disintegrate in the dishwasher. Washing the Aquatree Garden in your dishwasher is a huge time saver. 

If you are looking an easy way to have the world’s most nutrient dense plants available year-round so you can live a healthier lifestyle, you should try out an Aquatree Garden.  It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee… so, you have nothing to lose.