Microgreens Grow in Aquatree

Top 5 reasons to grow Microgreens with Aquatree

As many of us know, microgreens are a superfood due to their high-density nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, which act as antioxidants in the human body. Eating tasty microgreens packed with up to 40x of the nutrients of full-grown plants is a no-brainer for optimizing our health.

As we look to take advantage of all the health benefits of adding living foods such as microgreens to our diet, it makes sense to consider growing them at home.

Here are the top 5 reasons to grow Microgreens with Aquatree:

1. Grow more Microgreens in less space with Aquatree

The advanced design of the one and 2-level Aquatrees requires the same compact area on a tabletop. With our 1-level ATL1, you can grow 120oz per month; with the 2-level ATL2, you can produce 240oz per month. No other indoor system grows more microgreens in this compact of a space.

2. Growing Microgreens is faster with Aquatree.

With Aquatree’s continuous water flow hydroponic design, many types of microgreens are ready to harvest in 5 – 6 days. With our patented reusable growing medium, Micro Lid, going from harvest back to regrowing takes minutes.

3. Growing Microgreens from seed is less expensive.

With Aquatree’s reusable growing medium, Micro Lid, growing microgreens from seed is less expensive and easy. Starter plants are more costly, and others have handled them. With Aquatree, you control your microgreen’s lifecycle from seed to harvest while saving money.

4. Soil-free makes growing Microgreens cleaner.

The Aquatree’s advanced hydroponic design optimizes indoor growth. Not only does soil-free growing yield microgreens 30 – 50% faster than growing in soil, but it is also much cleaner.

5. Growing and Harvesting Microgreens with Aquatree is Easy 

Aquatree has made growing your own microgreens at home a breeze from start to finish. Just take a scoop of microgreen seeds, pour them in the reusable Micro Lid, rinse them in the Micro Lid, and then put them in the Aquatree tray. Once they start to sprout, give them daily light with your included full spectrum light, and within a few days, you’ll be ready to harvest delicious nutrient-dense microgreens grown in your home.

Easy Harvesting with Aquatree

With Aquatree’s Micro Lid, harvesting your microgreens is simple without a mess.

If you want to easily grow a significant amounts of microgreens, Aquatree is your solution. 

For those of you looking for an indoor growing system that yields meaningful amounts of various microgreens in a compact space, you will not find a better system than Aquatree. It is the only indoor hydroponic system enabling you to grow leafy plants, protein beans, and microgreens.

Not mentioned yet, the best part is the price. Aquatree Hydroponic Garden’s prices make it the best value compared to other indoor grow systems, especially when looking at the amount of microgreens that can be grown in a compact space. And you get it with a 30-day risk-free return and free shipping.

If you made it this far, you must be serious about growing your microgreens at home. You will love growing microgreens in the Aquatree system. In addition to the 3 Aquatree Garden Levels available, we also have nine organic microgreen seeds to choose from, including Radish, Cantaloupe, and Spicy Salad Mix.

Your Aquatree Options:
Aquatree Garden ATM1: 1 Level Aquatree for growing microgreens and proteins.

Aquatree Garden ATL1: 1 Level Aquatree for growing microgreens, lettuce and proteins. 

Aquatree Garden ATL2: (Most Popular) 2 Level Aquatree for growing more microgreens, lettuce and proteins in the same compact space. 

So much has gone into the design of Aquatree to make it the best system for growing microgreens, proteins, and lettuce indoors. Want to learn more about how Aquatree works? We cover all the details on how it works here.

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