Add a splash of color and flavor to your salads with homegrown Red Sails lettuce. These seeds are specifically designed for hydroponic systems like the AquaTree Garden, ensuring a high yield of vibrant, red-tinged leaves.

Red Sails lettuce is known for its tender texture and mild, buttery flavor, making it a visually appealing and tasty addition to any dish. Our seeds are of premium quality, ensuring that you’ll be harvesting beautiful, delicious lettuce in no time.

Whether you’re an experienced hydroponic gardener or a beginner, these Red Sails seeds offer a straightforward and reliable way to grow your own lettuce indoors. Simply plant them in your AquaTree Garden and watch them flourish.

Brighten up your indoor garden and your meals with our top-quality Red Sails lettuce seeds. A must-have for any hydroponic garden!

Red Sails Lettuce Seed – 250 mg
Retail Price: $3.79
Mild, slightly sweet, and tender
Grow vibrant Red Sails Lettuce with antioxidant benefits, vitamins, and minerals. Perfect for Aquatree Gardens! Package contains enough seeds for about 50 heads of Red Sails.

Nutrition Facts – Red Sails

Serving Size 1 cup shredded (about 28g)

1 seed produces 1 head of lettuce

Vitamins & Minerals
High in Vitamin A & K
Rich in Folate and Antioxidants
Supports eye health and bone strength
Promotes healthy digestion and boost immunity
  • Health Boosters: Leafy greens and herbs are rich in vitamins and minerals, contributing to overall well-being
  • Nutritional Powerhouses: Packed with essential nutrients, they support a balanced and healthy diet
  • Flavor Enhancers: Leafy greens and herbs add delicious tastes and aromas to dishes, elevating culinary experiences
  • Antioxidant Rich: These greens and herbs provide valuable antioxidants that protect cells from damage and promote health

Planting Instructions

SEEDS VOLUME 1 – 3 seeds
GROW LIGHT 12 – 14 Hr/day
NUTRIENTS 2 tbsp every 7-10 days
TIME TO HARVEST Greater than 30 Days
  1. Place the Garden Lid onto one of the open Irrigation Trays with the Aquatree logo facing up
  2. Insert one Cone into each hole of the Garden Lid
    1. Make sure the Cones fit into the slots on the Lid
  3. Soak and squeeze-dry Growfoam before you start
  4. Insert each Growfoam into a Cone with the large, shallow dimple facing up
    1. Make sure each Growfoam is pressed down and touching the bottom of the Irrigation Trays
  5. Then place 1-3 seeds into the dimple of each Growfoam pod
  6. Add one dam to the Garden Lid for the first week of growth
  7. Fill the Tank with water
  8. Add nutrients to the Tank water per the bottle instructions
  9. Plug in pump to turn on your Aquatree Garden

Recommendation: Water will be consumed by the plants as they grow, add water as necessary to maintain tank level and nutrients per the instructions on the bottle.

Harvesting Instructions

  1. Harvest only the lettuce you plan to eat. Leave the rest to continue growing
  2. With a pair of clean scissors, cut the leaves about 1 cm above the cone
    1. Note: Lettuce may be harvested multiple times if you leave the roots and Growfoam intact
  3. If you do not plan to allow your lettuce to keep growing, remove the Growfoam from the cone and dispose
  4. Clean Trays, Garden Lids and Cones no longer in use.

CONGRATULATIONS: You are now ready to set up a new tray for planting


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Red Sails Lettuce Seed - 250 mg Red Sails Lettuce Seed - 250 mg
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  1. Red Sails leaves grow really fast and make a great foundation for a salad with microgreens added for flavor.

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