Aquatree Garden Reviews and Customer Photos

Aquatree Garden Reviews and Customer Photos

We love all the great Aquatree Garden reviews that have been coming in lately. 

We were obsessed with designing a simple-to-use indoor hydroponic garden that would consistently grow abundant amounts of the planet’s most nutritious plants quickly in a compact tabletop space.  

It means the world to us to hear feedback from Aquatree Garden growers that they are having so much success growing microgreens, bean sprouts, baby leaf lettuces, and herbs.  

Some of our most recent Aquatree Garden Reviews: 

Aquatree Garden Review left in a Facebook Comment: 

I‘m loving my Aquatree and the flexibility that it offersEnjoying growing and tasting so many different microgreens and also planted a few other things beside them.  It’s so nice the only thing I need to keep growing them is seeds. “ – Amy 

Aquatree Garden Review left on the ATL1 Product Page: 

Aquatree Garden Product Review

Excerpt from the True Leaf Aquatree Garden Review

“This nifty appliance allows you to grow leafy greens, microgreens, herbs, large sprouts, and vegetable starts (like tomatoes) all at onceWhen it comes to indoor gardening, there is no question the Aquatree Garden is a powerhouseWith a continual water supply and great lighting, we have grown some of our most vigorous microgreens yet.”  

Aquatree Garden Customer Photos

In our Aquatree Garden Grow Club, real growers are sharing photos of their Aquatree Garden Grows for our May Grow Challenge.  Here are few of their photos: 

ATL2: 2-Level Aquatree Garden growing microgreens:

ATL2: 2-Level Aquatree Garden growing Butterhead lettuce, basil, brown mustard and radish microgreens, and in the back, spearmint, chives & arugula.

Aquatree Garden ATL2 growing a wide variety of crops

ATM1 – 1-Level Aquatree Garden for growing Microgreens and Protein Bean Sprouts. 

ATM1 Aquatree Garden Photo from Customer

ATL2- 2 Level Aquatree Garden

ATL2 - Aquatree Customer photo

Join our growing community

All Aquatree Garden customers are invited to join our private Aquatree Garden Grow Club on Facebook.  Get inspired by and learn from other growers.  

In addition to being invited to join the community, buy your Aquatree Garden now for 10% off, free shipping, and 30-day risk free money back guarantee. 

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