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Succession Planting

Succession planting can be simple. In traditional gardening, it is the practice of staggering your planting in a way that extends the life of your garden, allowing you multiple harvests.

Techniques include growing larger crops with smaller ones, fast growing crops with slower ones, or starting seedlings indoors and immediately transplanting them outside when a previous crop is harvested. 

This sowing method is helpful for locations that have a limited growing season, however, it can also be beneficial to you as a user of AquaTree™. In the post below, we’ll give you pointers as to how you can implement succession planting into your lifestyle and start reaping bountiful harvests!

How to Start Succession Planting With Your AquaTree™

Getting started with succession planting is an easy process. Begin with enough seeds to last you through a few weeks so that there will be no gap in your rotation. If you’re using the Mau Mats™, make sure to have enough on hand as they are one time use only. 

Whichever way you choose, you’ll need to stagger the planting of your seedlings. Since our sprouts only take a few days until they’re ready for harvest, you should essentially start new seedlings a few times a week, so you’ll have a fresh crop in just as much time. 

You can use this sowing method with whatever size AquaTree hydroponic grow tower you have, whether it’s one level or more! More levels gives you the option to facilitate a wider variety of crops. And when done right, daily harvests are possible!

AquaTree Garden Succession Planting

The Benefits of Succession Planting With Mau Mats™ and the AquaTree™

One of the main benefits of growing with the AquaTree™ is that you can do it year-round. Succession planting is an effective way to get the most out of traditional gardens, but very few plants will grow in the winter. With the AquaTree™, there’s no need to worry about a surprise overnight frost- your seedlings are protected from danger. 

Another benefit is the quick turnaround. Sprouts and microgreens are ready to eat in just a few days, and this process can happen even faster with our patented Mau Mats™!

Mau Mats™ are a seed mat, and are composed of fibrous, highly engineered material. It consists of nearly 100% biodegradable components, and is proprietary to Grow Local™. Their main purpose is to accelerate germination and promote rapid growth which means regular harvests for you and your family. 

Using Mau Mats™ is simple as well. Place the mat into your tray, and sprinkle it with seeds. Attach the tray to your AquaTree™ and watch your seedlings grow.

Using Your AquaTree™ With Traditional Outdoor Gardening

Although the AquaTree™ allows you to grow indoors year round, we know that many of you also enjoy outdoor gardening too! If you’d rather grow your veggies past the microgreens stage,  you can absolutely transplant them into your outdoor garden instead of harvesting them. If you’re practicing Succession Planting outdoors, the AquaTree™ is the perfect  tool for getting your veggies ready for your garden.

Use the AquaTree™ to have a continuous batch of seedlings ready to go whenever you’re about to harvest from your outdoor garden. This cycle of harvesting and replanting will ensure that you make the most of your outdoor garden and increase your yield during the summer months.

Aquatree garden hydroponic grow tower

No Need to Plant According to Seasons

If you stick with a typical outdoor garden, you plant in late spring, harvest throughout the summer, and lay your garden to rest in the fall. 

What’s great about the AquaTree™ is that you don’t have to adhere to the current seasons for your crops. When gardening outdoors, certain crops can only be planted during particular parts of the year, according to your climate. And if you live above a certain USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, the winter may be completely lost to you for growing anything. 

Another obstacle would be the hot, dry weather of summer. Excessive heat can destroy what you worked so hard to establish. And outdoor plants need more attention to ensure that the soil they’re in does not dry out, which can be time consuming. 

The AquaTree™ gives you control. You’re growing and harvesting your crops indoors, so you have the freedom to plant whatever you like whenever you like. You can enjoy Spinach sprouts in the winter, and Kale seedlings in the summer. It’s up to you!

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